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Today, my friend told me about his idea about this start up, he is trying to fix a process. I told him the following story. Let me start of with a story of processes. In India the postal system was started by the British. The process is simple, you put a stamp on the sealed envelope, spot a red box and slip the envelope. The envelope will reach its destination in a day or two, in case there is a low value stamp on the envelope, the balance is collected by the post man at the time of delivery.
If the same process was created by someone else in India trying to protect his job. The process would be as follows. You go to the post office, no concept of red box. You stand in queue and fill up a form entering your address and the recipient address. Now the post office is going to get the recipient address verified. The post office does not want post man’s time to be wasted. Next week the person visits the post office again, this time he is given a receipt that address verification is successful, please visit the treasurer department and deposit the money. The person deposits money to the treasurer department and turns at the post office, but now is informed that post office is yet to receive payment confirmation from treasurer department. Two weeks have already been passed, the week after the person’s envelope is accepted by the post office as all processes have been duly completed. Now the post office will put the necessary stamps and slide the envelop in the right box.
The entire purpose of creating a process is to streamline a practice in an efficient manner. I always think of the post office example whenever I look to improve a process. Each process in an opportunity, that is why you see “On Demand Services” such as Taxi apps. They have simplified the process. There is always scope of improvement in a process.

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